Summer Produce & eating seasonally

The local farmers market was pretty bleak this week,we are just between seasons for quite a lot of things. Strawberries are just about over and are getting pricy.

Watermelon is just perfect but can be had for less and just as locally grown at the grocers here. Oranges are changing from Valencias to Navels ,Plums are almost ready still a little firm and the guy who grows massive old school Avocados will not be there until July.

So I did the next best thing…went to the Mexican market ! And no, that is not in front of the Home Depot!

The produce is almost always better than at the major chain super markets and the tortillas are made fresh all day,chips too!

Here are some lovely carrots from the Coachella valley, watermelon from the same area, Nine little avocados from Temecula  valley where the bunch onions also hail from and a nice fragrant little pineapple from Baja Mexico (we are So Cal so that IS local for us!). I also purchased a couple of bags of tortilla chips from the tortillaria and that giant bag of “ranchero rolls” which are really buttery french rolls. I also purchased a couple of reuseable containers on sale for 99cents for three and sour cream.

The crowning jewel of this market trip is that they now have packaged, ready to grill …BACON WRAPPED HOT DOGS!!!!!!


They will be consumed with the pineapple tonight!

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One thought on “Summer Produce & eating seasonally

  1. I eat seasonally and not from the super market too. polish cuisine is generally very seasonal. And the strawberries are not over yet! 😉

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