Skywatch Friday ~ Purple Rain

No, sorry not the kind that goes with a Raspberry Beret ,the kind that falls from the blooming Jacaranda trees!

This year the June bloom is not quite as full and profuse as last June due to the hot weather we had in May and early June . Last spring the sky remained cool and overcast until mid-June giving the trees a longer season with fatter blossoms. Cool and cloudy this morning in So Cal so all the trees are at their best.

The best looking tree in the area is at an empty house on our corner,the Bougainvillea in the foreground  is also thriving on the neglect !

In addition to our showy Jacarandas we have the ever- growing Conifirius Verizonicus also known as the Cell Pine! Lots of their sister “Trees” in the form of Cell Palms dot the local landscape as well!
See sky from all over the world on Skywatch Friday @ :

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Purple Rain

  1. that jacaranda is covered in flowers. oh i’d love to see that with my own eyes.

    happy weekend.

  2. What magnificent trees – I would love to see them too!

  3. That’s an impressive tree!

  4. Boy did this post, and your remarks on the Farm, bring back a flood of memories!

    I haven’t seen a Jacaranda tree since I left Taiwan–or at least I don’t remember doing so (and you’d think one would, given all the color)–45 years ago. Even though I lived in Southern California (Garden Grove and Riverside) for several years in the ’60s, I don’t recall noticing any then. I married a boy from Norco, and we ended up heading east, never to get back to California permanently. He now lives in Ohio and I in Texas, and the nearest thing I’ve seen to that purple haze is a vitus chaste tree (there’s one growing two doors down from me). My Chinaberry has purple flowers, but they’re not nearly as showy.

    Thanks for visiting the Farm and alerting me to your blog. I’ll be back (as they say out west). Happy Friday!

  5. That is an incredible tree, simply gorgeous. I love the cell-pines. There’s a pine tree forest near where I live, and one of those cell-pines is twice as tall as any other tree in the area!

  6. That cell pine is amazing. Purple rain is good too. OK, now, we’ve got Janis, Janis, Janis…….. surely we can find some more of us out there!!!!


  7. From one Janis to another…yep we should stick together…dont you hate when people spell your name wrong ie..janice! Love your photos…such a beautiful tree..the cell pine is very interesting! see u on the next sky watch!

  8. Purple rain—clever1 That tree we don’t have here in VA.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Now have a great weekend with or without purple rain.

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