Skywatch Friday ~ Sons of Anarchy set

Somewhere in the San Fernando Valley,across from an unassuming toy warehouse sits Belfast ,N. Ireland. Well ok the outdoor sets for the next season of the FX Show “Sons Of Anarchy”. All of these “Buildings are only a couple feet deep, false fronts of the alley and docks  to be filmed for next season’s episodes. Behind them are trailers marked  with set names like “Tara’s Bedroom”. Aahhhh the joy and magic of Hollywood!

On the roll up door near the center back you can just see the top of the SOA logo for their MC.

We are fans of the show so thought this was great fun to see pre-season!

To see more interesting sky views around the world go to :

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Sons of Anarchy set

  1. i’m really impressed with movie/TV sets. they can make almost everything real even if they’re just fronts. Would be nice to see some film shooting going on. nice captures! have a nice weekend!

  2. Very Interesting…thanks for the tour

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  4. Something really different for Skywatch. Thanks for the look at another world.

  5. If we compare the present day movies with those in the 50s or 60s, we easily see that those movies of today are far more natural and the colours are much better. Still the old movies were kind of attractive, even if they were a bit unreal.
    You’ve got an interesting blog! Have a great weekend.

  6. That sounds like an exciting set, – very interesting posting for Skywatch, – we have had a few movies made in the valley, but so far they have been mostly Westerns. Lots of that kind of country in the vicinity!!!

  7. Neat set of photos for skywatch.

  8. My dad worked at Burbank Studios as a grip, so I’ve gotten to see some of those backless buildings. They’re pretty trippy!

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