I finally know!!! Took me long enough!

I have wondered what exactly these were , they hang from wires across intersections all over California. I posted about them way back last October in ”

Skywatch S4/E12 October 2, 2009 ”  .

Well while cruising around Twitter today I found out!!! They are the logo  on urban art, stickers, shirts, hats  etc…of a So Cal bike and skate bunch called  “team ChubbyBoob”

Made me smile and giggle at my desk…chubbyboob!

It is all about the ChubbyBoob lifestyle…

So now we can all know!

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3 thoughts on “I finally know!!! Took me long enough!

  1. Oh my! And what that has to do with bikes, I know not. 🙂

  2. Now we know!
    Thanks for the smile.
    I had to take a look at their website!

  3. FINALLY! booby mystery solved!

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