Skywatch Friday ~ Home again Home Again Jiggity Jigg!

So this morning we decided to go out to breakfast (we do not normally do this weekdays) at the Silver Dollar Pancake house nearby. It was yummy and cozy ans comfortable as always  and I mean always since I have been eating there for 50 years!

Early Summer in Southern California is much of the same day in and day out: Clear blue sky, temps in the 89-93 degree range and light breeze,not bad at all.

We took the Hot Rod and made it only one of the three blocks home when the fuel pump went KAPUT!  At least it waited until after breakfast!

As breakdowns go this was not too bad, Bob is out fixing the car in the driveway as I type this and there were a couple of very helpful guys crossing the street when we rolled to a silent stop that helped push the tank of a car into a parking lot. The parking lot was empty which made things easy for the tow driver who arrived very quickly within 8 minutes of calling Auto Club.

Bonus : our tow truck driver did not laugh too hard when he found out that he was only towing it 2 blocks!

Hey, I do not want to push a tank of a car even 2 blocks …uphill!!!

At any rate we are all good and the car will be as well!

Have a great long 4th of July weekend those of you in the USA and just have a great weekend whatever the length to the rest of the world!

To see more interesting views of the sky :

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6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Home again Home Again Jiggity Jigg!

  1. Interesting.

  2. Cool vehicle! Too bad it broke down. Hopefully it can be fixed easily and cheaply! Nice blue skies! We’ve got the same up here in Norcal.

    • Oh no! At least you were super close to home and full of Silver Dollar pancake goodness. I haven’t been there in almost a decade – yikes. Good to know they are still tasty and that the car is being fixed 🙂

  3. Cool car – bet it looks much better when not on the back of a tow truck!

  4. What a fun vehicle to ride around. It is so old, it looks new!!! Do what it takes to keep it running!


  5. Nice captures!! The vintage vehicle looks really awesome to me…

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