Skywatch Friday ~ The fire and the darkness

“Oh say can you see…”  why yes , yes I can and from my very own front porch !

These are a couple of the bursts of fireworks on 4th of July night as seen from about a mile and a half away. The view was good , the “Booms” were loud even at this distance , the smoke all blew the other way and there were no crowds  as there were in the park where the show was being presented.

We had BBQ for dinner and drove the RC cars around the yard then watched the big booming firewarks from the comfort of the yard, perfect!

These are also the most interesting skies we have had all week, still in June Gloom well into July in So Cal!

See more wonderful views of the sky at:

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ The fire and the darkness

  1. Oh, someone else featuring fireworks! Love the color in the sky.

  2. Well, when nature lets us down the 4th of July fireworks are a great substitute! And autumn is coming with all its gorgeous skies, – be patient.

  3. AAAHHHHH – the last comment says autumn is coming – I’m still waiting for summer! That’s toooooo scary!

    Like the colours against the black. My birthday is on the 4th, when I was little my mum used to say that they fireworks were for me. Hope you had a good one xo

  4. What fun to be able to watch the fireworks from your back yard! Sounds like the ideal conditions, too.

  5. Sounds like a nice Independence Day in southern California! I always enjoy your SkyWatch Friday entries! Great shot of the fireworks!

  6. Nice fireworks display.

  7. I love fireworks.

    Click here to see my post.

  8. thanks for the nightsky shot! not enough of those in my opinion 🙂

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