Skywatch Friday ~ Century Plant

This is a Century Plant  also known as the Agave Americana. It is not the kind you get Tequila from , that is the Blue Agave.

It has a flower spike that bursts forth around every 10 years,shoots 20-30 feet tall and then falls. The plant dies over the next couple of years and – to start the entire process once again.

These photos taken a week apart.

The skies here are clear early,growing hot and humid by mid-day with thunder clouds over the mountains which make the valley below  broil.

This too shall pass, was it just last week I was so happy it was still cool and overcast!!??!

See more views of the sky at :

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2 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Century Plant

  1. That plant looks like it’s taking over the yard! Love how it changes and points to the blue sky above. Stay cool!

  2. overtiredmum

    that’s one big flower!

    Lovely blue skies, swap you autumnal winds and rain for some hot and humid? We are never happy with our lot! xo

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