Local food , A step forward!

I always try to buy our food from sources as local as I can. This is not a strict rule just a good all around guideline. I have no issues with global commerce however I want to know WHERE my food comes from, how it traveled and how long that took from source to market.

Since we live in Southern California  it is pretty easy to source all our produce locally even at the supermarket.

Today I cut up and served a watermelon that had a label from “HarvestMark” it read only USA . The store produce guy said if the label did not say ,he would not know where it was from…very nice guy  but I am just guessing Produce manager was NOT his first career choice. Still it thumped good , had a nice yellow “moon” and was firm to the press at both ends so I bought it and took it home.

Turns out  this was one of the firmest fleshed,sweetest melons of the Summer!

I went to the web address on the label. HarvestMark.com and found I could enter a series of numbers from the label into a box and lo and behold there was the life story of MY watermelon! The farm, the acres in melons, the harvest and if there had ever been “issues” with this farm!!!

My melon only traveled 33 miles to get to my home from the field, grown in Hemet Ca. I am very pleased to know this tracking is out there and being implemented more and more.

Harvest Mark is a Redwood City California company and you can follow them on Twitter @HarvestMark

Check out their tweet of August 19th and earn a free reusable grocery bag!

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One thought on “Local food , A step forward!

  1. Thank you for giving HarvestMark a shout out! Our vision is to make the world a better place to eat. Here’s the URL for that free shopping bag http://www.harvestmark.com/myfood.aspx#WhatWeDo

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