Skywatch Friday ~ Monsoon Season ?

The big oppressive cloud forming in the early afternoon

Our reward at sunset was 360 degrees of color! These photos are right out of the camera,color is just as seen with the naked eye . This is to the West

The North

The East

The South

And above !

I have lived in Southern California all my life , which is to say since 1959. I have never heard the words “Monsoon Season ” applied to inland So Cal until about 6 years ago. The “Monsoon” weather was a sometimes thing that happened in desert areas along with flash flooding. For an entire season to be called Monsoon one would have to be in the Arizona desert or India.

Now the weather channel and 24/7 access to NOAA  data for everyone has made the local news stations a little insecure , so much so that every rain drop causes a “Storm Watch” any drop in pressure is shouted about on “Doppler 7000” and what we just used to call a freak Summer downpour or oppressive cloud cover is now “The Monsoon Season”.

In any case it was really oppressive yesterday,cloudy and hot (106) there were flash floods in the local mountains and a downpour in a nearby town. So pretty normal for late August, cooler temps are forecast for the weekend, hooray!

See more skies with all kinds of conditions @

Thanks to the entire Skywatch Friday team for making this happen each and every week for the rest of us!

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11 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Monsoon Season ?

  1. Fabulous color. I lived most of my life in British Columbia, more than half of that on the coast, and now I live about as “inland” as I ever want to get, in southeastern Alberta near the Saskatchewan border. Now I know why people love it here — the prairie has those 360-degree sunsets almost every night. Incredible, isn’t it? You sure caught those clouds of yours at the right time. By the time I realize something wonderful is happening in the sky, and dig out my camera, I’m just a teeny bit too late. Thanks for your beautiful post and I hope the monsoons don’t get you.

  2. What a lovely reward you had for your ‘Monsoon’ day. Doesn’t it make you feel you are enveloped in glory!

  3. I know what you mean about the media and the weather. We used to just live it and not have to label it and deal with it 24/7. Anyway, if you are looking for a monsoon season, you are welcome to the one that just finished here in the Chihuahuan Desert. It was short (looking back) but seemed to go on forever. Now it’s hot and dry and beautiful again and all the crops and my new plantings are invigorated from all the rain. Happy Skywatching!

  4. Since clouds frequently promise more than they deliver around here, I’m glad you got some good color and a bit of drama.

    I spent about five years in So. Cal. (Garden Grove and Riverside), and never much liked it (smog, I guess), being a clear-air desert rat from the Owens Valley. Nonetheless, your opening shot caused a bit of nostalgia and not a few memories to come whizzing by.

    Thanks for both the photos and the trip in the Wayback Machine.

  5. Beautiful clouds. I really love the second shot, it looks like fire is raining down from the sky. I live in Colorado and we have a definite monsoon season here, and although it doesn’t mean daily rain we frequently get sharp afternoon thunderstorms during that time.

  6. Christina

    Yay for cooler temps! Love the sky views!
    Is that your neighborhood in the first photo?
    I like the street lights. 🙂

  7. Hi Janis, I was so surprised to see in the news about the flash flood in Lake Elsinore last night! Its incredible how the weather has changed from the extreme heat. Your skies are so colorful and the pastels outshine!

    Take care and stay cool.

  8. Nice set of sunset images you captured! Thanks for visiting my sky watch.

  9. Times and climates change over the years, that is a natural sequence of events. The earth has been in flux since time immemorial.
    Great colours in your sky. I love it when a sunrise or set paints the whole sky.

  10. The yellow clouds are just awesome! I love when the skies are light up with colours.

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