Skywatch Friday ~ Short track Stock Car racing~ Hhhmmmm

We were invited to attend the Orange Show Fairgrounds Races last Saturday night, so we went ,what the heck something new to do,free tickets.

The evening turned out cool and very pleasant weather-wise.

These photos are from 6:30 to about 9:30 PM from twilight into darkness.

Turned out that the roundy-round type of racing is just not for me. Now do not get me wrong , I LOVE racing ,just the point A to Point B kind where an individual driver takes the wheel and is not subject to a gaggle of other drivers “bumping” “rubbing” and otherwise annoying them  and they then drive in circles only to end up right where they began 45 to 500 laps later!

I had a lot of time to think about this while waiting for the many ,many seemingly endless “yellow” flags where everyone is supposed to hold their position because somebody else screwed up ,but they do not do that and have to be repositioned every time.

I cannot even comment on the “fans” with out offending NASCAR watchers everywhere. Let us just point out the guy in the foam alligator hat in the last photo and know that adult beverages were served, the evening was not PG-13 rated for long.

So at least I know now to stick to the Drag Races, the Rally races and Baja.

See more skies and perhaps read more rants,stories and tall tales @:

Thanks to the entire crew at Skywatch Friday for making this happen weekly for the rest of us!

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  1. Terrific shots.

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