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UPDATE: !!!!! Bob just found and bought this model machine for my birthday!!!!! Wheeeeee!  It is en route from Oklahoma City as I type!!!!

I am so excited  about it  I can hardly wait, it compares to a guy getting a classic car delivered from an auction across the country. You know it is exactly what you want but have not yet seen or touched it in person.  Soon though!

I made stuff this Labor Day weekend! I have not “done” crafts (much less arts!) in quite a long time.

I had a little project I wanted to sew and remembered my junky 1990’s Brother sewing machine was on the fritz ,it was “Birdnesting” wadding the bobbin thread, and I figured what the heck I will take it apart enough to see what is wrong. So I did.

Turns out the bobbin winding tension and speed are kaput. The plastic parts are not meshing enough to transfer the correct tension to wind a bobbin. The thing LOOKS correct however the thread is not properly wound and just makes a mess of the stitching.

I went to Jo Anns  Fabric and purchased a cheap little self contained bobbin winder and now I can sew on the machine again!

I am (someday) going to get a vintage Singer all metal machine that I can take apart and service myself. It will be either a Singer 401/401a or a 500/500a/503

The 500 series is known as the “Rocketeer”! I love the way it looks and even better the way it sews. Simple and sturdy!

Here is what I made: A 1/6th scale replica utility Kilt , a card wallet for Fall/Halloween , a crocheted little acorn and a bracelet.

I am really pleased with the way the Kilt came out! The acorn could use work in the future but you need to know that is the very first thing I have ever attempted to crochet,I saw some on Etsy and thought I would give it a try!

It won’t feed a squirrel but it entertains me!

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2 thoughts on “Crafty things

  1. Christina

    I LOVE the utility kilt! Nice holiday card wallet. I’m not handy at all when it comes to sewing. Hope you’re having a good holiday weekend! Take care!

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