#72 of 101 Made Pizza

I made pizza from scratch tonight! Well I actually used cold case dough that was prepped but still had to rise and be stretched. I made WAY too much, had no idea how filling fresh was going to be!

Bob had spicy sauce,cheese ,pepperoni and pineapple.

I had alfredo sauce,cheese,pepperoni and pinapple.

I was pretty involved in the baking and cutting and serving of the very hot pizzas and only remember to take a picture when I plated the leftovers.We each had 5 slices and left a couple ,just could not finish them ,so they are breakfast (for me at least!).

Next time I am making half the dough amount and pressing it into thinner crusts. Keywords in that last statement:next time.

This was good, fresh and filling,did not take any longer than waiting for delivery. Pizza at home is all win!

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2 thoughts on “#72 of 101 Made Pizza

  1. Yay for homemade pizza! Sooo much better than delivery. Glad you conquered this one on your list. Strangely enough, we had homemade pizza last night, too 🙂

  2. I love pizza, and left-overs are great for breakfast!

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