Hot Hot Heat

I am only writing this down so that later in, oh say, December I can look at this and stop whining about how cold I am!

Today it is 115 degrees in Corona CA. Yep 115 !

The newest car we own ,the one with the A/C is in the dealer’s shop for a random repair of some warranty item. Yes, the Geo also has “air” but it sort of goes away in these temps when you idle at a stop light or go uphill. The ’48 no A/C and tiny windows, we drove that back from the Chevy dealer when we dropped off the HHR.

This photo was from last night when I went to the store.

When you are only 23 miles from Disneyland there is bound to be a little “Chip” (or is this Dale? ) roadkill ! So hot here the cartoon plushies are skittering across the road.

Never fear this really IS a plush  , I just saw “Chip” out my window waiting at a light and it struck me funny!

I know, I am sewn back together wrong…

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2 thoughts on “Hot Hot Heat

  1. Poor little plushie! I think our 100 degree days are done for the season. We’ve already had overnight temps around 55F here in northeast OK.

  2. great atmosphere on the sky shots!

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