Skywatch Friday ~ 26 degrees cooler !

Yes folks it is 89 warm degrees  outside with the humidity pushing 40%…not at all normal  for Southern California.

These lovely welcome clouds are keeping the air temp down and the water grains up but that is fine with me, it is 26 degrees cooler than Monday and we all feel better!

See more skies over our world at Skywatch Friday :

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7 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ 26 degrees cooler !

  1. I love great big clouds like that with the blue popping out from behind.

  2. Love the line of the palm trees against that turbulent sky.
    89 + 26 = 115 degrees???

  3. Lovely sky!! And I love the scenery too!
    Blue sky

  4. Interesting skies and cloud formations, – you must be thankful that the cloud cover brings you cooler weather.

  5. So happy you folks are getting some cooler temps. Sometimes those dark clouds are a good thing!

  6. great shots. love the cloud formations.

  7. uberrhund

    ucka, Lomnice, CZ Says:
    October 1, 2010 at 4:22 pm e

    great atmosphere on the sky shots!

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