Frozen Yogurt Snobbery

So I have recently realized that we have become frozen yogurt snobs.

Sitting outside a new local yogurt shop on a sunny afternoon a couple weeks ago Bob and I found ourselves comparing the texture and toppings,the flavor and density of the cups of frozen goodness we were consuming .

I have come to compare all fro-yo to the favorite treat of mine , Taro flavor at Yogurtland. It is the perfect cup in my opinion. Smooth  yet not thin in any way.

Slightly tart but not bitter, no ice formation,not milky.

The no sugar added flavors at Yogurtland are far superior to other places so far. Chocolate Twilight is the best cocoa flavor ever,sugar free or not!

Fresh toppings abound here and the bins are always clean and fresh.

We drive at least 10 miles to consume this yogurt but soon we are getting one right here in town!!! Hooray!

Other Fro-yo places:

Jazmine Passion in Corona:

Lots of dark fruit flavors,a sweet base, good consistency,just a little icy for my taste. Very close to the house.

Fro-Yoland in Norco:

Very good, creamy sort of Ice cream like (OK) Topping bar lacks,employee also lacks,they do have good prices and coupons and are close to a friend’s shop.

Tutti-Fruitti Corona:

Way too sweet, even the NSA types. Grainy ,icy texture,not going to return here at all.

Cherry on Top Riverside:

This is a close second to Yogurtland! Perfect texture and temperature , good selection of flavors,super clean inside and out. Fun but not stupid decor.

Huge ,fresh well stocked topping bar plus great entertainment possibilities:Sponge Bob on mute on the Flat Screen, Tom Petty CD playing on the house speakers and big windows for people watching on the other side!



I would compare Gelato and try to explain how much I love the Pink Grapefruit flavor at Gelato Bar in Studio City but I have nothing to compare it to out here in the hinterland of the Inland Empire!

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