Artsy on Etsy !

I just sold the first piece of original art in an Etsy shop I manage for a friend!
I am really pleased with the way this is going and wanted to share that with anyone and everyone!
Dave Whittle is the artist and I am the PR and marketing arm of this venture we started at the end of June this year. I told him to relax and give it some time to get up and gather a following ,that it should happen by the end of October…and it did!
Here are a couple of his works and a link to our Etsy shop, I think Dave does amazing work I think you will too!
Here is the Etsy shop URL if you would like to see more!

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One thought on “Artsy on Etsy !

  1. Hurray for you. Hurray for the artist. How much fun to see the ball start to roll! The artist seems very talented. Also enjoyed looking at your recent photos. So nice to stay connected to other parts of the USA!

    Always appreciate your comments on GDP. Most lookers have not had the nerve to leave a comment about what people would say about THEIR house.

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