Things in Common

Quick post this morning, this is my reply to another blogger @ GreensboroDailyPhoto.

Good Morning ! You have hit upon another subject we have in common,Graffiti! Here in Southern California we have every kind of Graffiti from Gang tagging to extremely artistic murals and everything in-between. This is  an awesome Dragon we found while on a short hike last Winter for my DHs Birthday. That is the Son-in-Law, George in the photo(not his work but he has been there and done that!) The dragon is lurking on a flood control structure in Griffith park, Los Angeles.

The Graffiti of a city tells a tale of who goes by ,what is happening , of aspiration and loss. The history and future are there and have always been free for all to see the more the merrier!
When we were in the UK we saw graffiti in ancient caves and vaults,some of it new ,most of it dating back hundreds of years.
Have a great weekend!

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One thought on “Things in Common

  1. I feel honored! Thanks for the mention. Your graffiti is bigger than my graffiti! WOW!

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