Skywatch Friday Windy Veterans Day

Hard to tell but  the wind is really rustling those Palm fronds! We are having wind warnings up all over Southern California today with gusts reaching 40 miles an hour.

That makes  a pretty blue sky backdrop for this turn of the late 1800s farmhouse style home  with the flag snapping in the wind for Veterans Day.

Note the Persimmon tree on the right is heavy with fruit but it still has leaves and this kind of Persimmon is not ripe until all the leaves have fallen and only the plump orange fruit remains.

See more skies above us @:

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Windy Veterans Day

  1. Very nice Very nice! Love that blue sky background!

  2. A beautiful blue sky blew in on that wind and gave a view of the mountains.

  3. I love that house!

  4. Ah, the wrap-around porch, beautiful blue sky, a palm tree … oh, and I love a windy, breezy day. Beautiful view! Thanks for sharing. I spotted a persimmon tree full of fruit while on a walk the other day. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. This house would fit right in around here. Ours is a little younger (1922), but a large number of the historic district houses are Victorians of one sort or another. It’s great that skies provide such nice backdrops–and the wind is probably what’s helping with those wispy clouds. Nice shot!

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