Skywatch Friday ~ NHRA Drag Racing !

Last Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited to attend the NHRA Drag Racing finals in Pomona CA as guests of the Don Schumacher Racing team…AWESOME~WASOME!

It was an amazing day of racing under perfect Southern California’s blue Autumn Sky!

John Force’s  Funny Car on the return road after his 15th NHRA World championship win! He is a class act  and an icon of the NHRA.

Below he has stopped after a semi-final run on the return road to watch a fellow driver in a Pro-Stock class run a race. At age 61 he is still a fan !

I delivered parts to one of his very first race cars when he drove for Leo’s Stereo in Costa Mesa CA for a short while.I have seen his entire career,from finishing upside-down and on fire(he won!) to this 2010 Championionship, may he win even more in the future!

Also in the Pro-Stock Motorcycles L.E. Tonglet  at 20 years old became the youngest NHRA World Champion .

I love Drag Racing, back in the day I worked the timing ticket booth at OCIR Wednesday night Grudge night and a few Saturday NHRA qualifying races. I was 16 years old back then and I still love racing today.

There is nothing  and I mean NOTHING like standing at the fence only a few yards for the top fuelers and Funny Cars  as they roar past topping 300 mph. The sound travels through your ear drums to your sternum and shakes you to the core. The smell of Nitro fuel and burning rubber slicks as the grasp for purchase down the dragstrip  should be bottled as room (garage) spray! We had awesome seats in the stands ,center track and the entire rest of our group took full advantage of them for a full view. Not me though, I was glued to the fence in front of the grandstands as close as I could get to the track…that is why I go to racing.

We did return to the Schumacher tent for lunch and were delighted to find we were not having the hot dogs we expected but a wonderful meal of stuffed rosemary pork chops and roast beef, both fork tender,sliced pears, rolls,veggies,baked beans and tiny fancy red velvet cupcakes! Amazing job of hosting the sponsors was performed by the DSR team !

This is how close to the pit for Tony Schumacher’s Top Fuel Dragster our tables were! Every now and then they started the car up for tuning and everyone had to abandon tables in front and step behind a yellow line,our table was on that line and we didn’t have to move,mmmm Nitro fueled cupcakes! Tasty!

I am a lucky girl to have friends and a DH whose friends are the kind who invite  me to racing and understand when I spend the entire day on the fence and in the pits  instead of socializing in the VIP tent!

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3 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ NHRA Drag Racing !

  1. Great post and I’ll bet you had a truly wonderful time. I’ll bet there wern’g any porkchops left LOL

  2. A unique Skywatch post. Interesting commentary. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Have a good weekend.

  3. Great racing and skywatch post.

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