Goodbye Randy

This is a short post today  to honor the life of my friend , Randy Allgaier.

This photo is Randy with Kathrine Sebelius, the United Stated Secretary of Health and Human Services . It was take this July 13th at the White House Reception for the HIV/AIDS Community. Randy was due to receive a second honor and an award at the White House this Winter for his work as an effective and outspoken advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness and care.

Randy died not of the Cancer he fought off and beat this Summer  or of the Aids he also held at bay this last 11 years,after the cancer treatment left him weakened but healing  a wretched virus/blockage of the small intestine caused his body to fail.

Randy went gently into that goodnight , without pain at 1:50 this morning.

He will be very much missed on this earth.

Adios Randy

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One thought on “Goodbye Randy

  1. …and with all our love. A dear friend we will indeed miss.

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