Skywatch Friday ~ Old Lincoln School

This has been a week of nice days,windy days,a little rain,cold nights,a little bit of everything in the weather dept.

A good prelude to Winter,today we have mid 70s an Indian Summer kind of Autumn day.

Our photo is taken at Victoria Park in Corona which was once the first Lincoln school. The “new” Lincoln is a few blocks away .

This is the remaining original administration building from the school. City of Corona Parks and Rec now use the building and the park.

My Dad and his brothers attended elementary school here in the 1920s when this was a sleepy town full of Lemon groves. I attended the “new” Lincoln school in the 1960s and our daughter attended Lincoln Alternative school(same as New Lincoln) in the 1980s !

There were once great climbing trees where the parking lot is and pomegranate and loquats to snack on when we were playing on the old empty school grounds when I was a kid. The site was still used by the schools as storage until the 1970s and there were 4 buildings on the grounds.

See more skywatch photos at:


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6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Old Lincoln School

  1. Very beautiful photo!I love it.Lucky you because you had a sunny day!Have a nice weekend!

  2. Gwendolyn

    It is fun to remember the old school. I too have memories from the past. Thanks for sharing your photo.

  3. love that blue sky!

  4. Wow 🙂
    molto bella questa casa.
    Deve essere molto piacevole poterci vivere !
    Buona serata :))

  5. ah..childhood days! I miss those moments. Anyway, looks like it’s sort of a windy day as the treetops are slightly bending. happy skywatching!

  6. nice view!

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