Skywatch Friday Mooneyes Christmas Party 2010

Last year the sky opened up and poured buckets of rain ,cold,cold rain on us at this event,we still stayed all day and went home in a downpour with soaked socks , Damp spirits and great stories to tell.

This year was a complete 180 with sunny So Cal skies and temps in the upper 80s ! Nostalgia Drag racing ,King Tacos and seeing friends at this yearly event is part of the holiday season for us and you can judge for yourself what an awesome~wasome day it was indeed!

The darkness at the edge of town(Irwindale!) and the sunrise:Kustoms and racing:

And one of the most amazing sunsets of the entire year…

as the sun disappears beyond the Burger Lane:

Adios Mooneyes party, see you next year!

See more amazing views of the sky above us at:

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Mooneyes Christmas Party 2010

  1. Wonderful skies. The sunsets are so beautiful.

  2. I am glad that the weather copperated for your Christmas party. Your sky shots are beautiful with wonderful colors.

  3. rain is expected this weekend and will continue thru middle of next week, that’s the forecast here in norcal. i hope you don’t get too much rain.

  4. Janis: Looks like a good time was had by all. Would hate to have to clean up the parking lot (or the bathrooms). Loved your comment about the birds on a wire. Nice to know that someone is out there enjoying the posts. Lots of lookers, not many commenters. Janis

  5. Fab photos of the cars, always a bonus to have fine weather on your side for a holiday or outdoor event.

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