Skywatch Friday The Birthday tour!

We went to our Daughter and Her DHs for my DHs big Birthday celebration last Sunday. He wanted to be a “tourist” in our own area again this year and I must say the kids out did themselves again!

It was a wonderful day full of fun stops but since time is limited this week I am posting a couple glorious views across the whole of Los Angeles ,these were taken at the Griffith Observatory right at sunset. I will fill you in on the rest of the fine day later this week!

From the car on the way up the hill

Through the branches along the walkway

That little bump at the horizon in the middle of this photo is Santa Catalina Island,26 miles across the sea, it was a very clear evening and we had offshore Santa Ana winds early in the day.

See more sky from around the globe at:

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday The Birthday tour!

  1. wonderful vibrant colors! it looks like there’s a fire behind those trees in the first photo.

  2. I love the sunset through the branches shot. Really fantastic composition!

  3. Ayleen

    That second picture looks like a fake tree on a movie set, but I saw it with my own eyes in real life. Crazy!

  4. The second shot is so wonderful, and it is unique. I like it very much. Great colors.
    What is the meaning of your blog titel. It sounds german. über Hund means over dog.

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