Skywatch Friday End of a warm January

A little more from the weekend of the 23rd and something new from the 29th at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona , CA.

It was lovely out, 77 degrees and sunny,we have been really lucky this year so far with the weather.
Ayleen planned a day of being a tourist for her dads birthday like we did last year,super fun again! We should do that every year.
First we had vegetarian Chinese food for lunch,it was amazing everyone was full but it sat very well. The Orange “chicken” really had chunks of Portobello mushroom inside and was much better than the meat kind!
We had the complete opposite for dinner ,Japanese Bacon Grill ,Honda-Ya for dinner. It was on the 3rd floor of a mall in Little Tokyo. There were 4 of us and everything we ordered came to the table in 4s, Asparagus , water chestnuts,okra,ginger pork,dates,chickens and plum roll all wrapped in BACON! It was so,so good! We had frozen yogurt downstairs for a late night dessert and Bob finally got to have a “senior discount” for being 55 there plus they had him show ID and wished him happy birthday, he was very pleased!

In between the food events we went to see the train museum at Griffith Park ,27  retired engines and cars,lots of fun we have driven past it hundreds of times but never stopped. Now we have climbed all over the trains and learned a little bit about them too.
Next went to a Video game exchange warehouse,bought the birthday boy 2 used games for his geeky enjoyment.

Then we drove through the tunnel used to film in Back to the Future, there was a guy on a 10 speed in the center of the tunnel playing a flute just oblivious to the traffic whizzing by inches from him, very surreal.

Right at sunset (timing was really an accident we are not that good!) we arrived at Griffith Park Observatory.  I am attaching a couple of photos because it is just too beautiful for words. Bab had never been there and I had not been since High School. The entire building was lifted and a 3rd floor was built beneath the grounds to make more display room and study area as well as stabilize the hillside.
We looked at everything,watched the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon  presentation theater with the history of the Observatory. We were there at the right time to see the giant Tesla coil be turned on …AWESOME! then we went to the main telescope  and viewed the event of the evening , Orion’s nebula , a gassy region below Orion’s belt…Yes, that is real and YES it is funny too!

We had a really good day.

This last weekend was the Grand National Roadster Show and we always work the Pinstripers Reunion there ,it was still warm and sunny outside and 100s of classic cars and 1000s of people attended. The auction on Sat. afternoon raised $10,000 + for Progeria research and Cure. It is a fun event and I am always just beat after 3 days of cement floors and stage stairs  from 9am to 9pm but very worthwhile.

See more of the amazing sky above all of us at :

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday End of a warm January

  1. Oh…Gorgeous!

  2. Looks like fun! Great shots!! Happy weekend!
    Sky Watch

  3. 77 is a lot warmer than we have had for awhile! Exploring the trains looks like fun. Our local car clubs will be getting their classics out in another six weeks or so.

  4. Dear Janis (aka FINK U):

    Looks like you had a great trip. How fun to carve out the time to have these adventures! Has Progeria touched your family or do you attend mainly because you like the event?

    (the Southern) Janis

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