Skywatch Friday All clear in Southern California

Still having lovely clear days here in So Cal.

This is the Chinese Pagoda in front of the Riverside Public Library.

See more scenes of interest at :

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday All clear in Southern California

  1. Pretty good weather. Nice shot!
    Sky Watch Friday

  2. Enjoy seeing the views from your corner of the world!

  3. How wonderful about your efforts towards heart health. We’re doing the same here. I’m taking a wellness class and WATCHING more than ever! Oh how I enjoy your posts on your blog and your comments on ours. At some point, we HAVE to meet. We have friends in San Diego. How for are you from there?

    East Coast Janis

  4. very nice photo and colourful. What a contrast in comparison to the top photo! Have a great weekend!

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