Beat Box? no! Beet Box!

I really wish I found more vegetables palatable.  These Beets at the local market are beautiful,all orangy and their neighbors all deep purpleish red.

People often say they are sweet and that carrots are too…not to me they just taste like carrots and beets…and dirt.

Celery is also on the bleh list,as well as evil broccoli and wishy washy lettuce like Iceberg,waste of sandwich and salad space!

I do like a few grown in the ground things, potato ,okra(only if fried in cornmeal)Green beans(better if Bacon is applied) Cauliflower and eggplant are good too.

Although I do not consume them many veggies are a visual delight so I can have my fill just looking at them!

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One thought on “Beat Box? no! Beet Box!

  1. Ohhh- I’ve never seen orange beetroot before. I love beetroot roasted and served with a white sauce for Sunday lunch. My kids think they are poison however are more than happy to eat in beetroot chocolate cake (think carrot cake but more chocolatey) – hahaha evil mother laugh!

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