The whole world has changed

At least MY whole world has changed , in the space of a last heartbeat my husband and best friend of 35 years passed away on Wednesday Feb. 23rd.

I have  written about Bob here on this blog so I felt I needed to share this with those of you who read often.

It was a massive heart attack and very quick,he did not suffer.I was with him,he was talking to me right up until the last minute.

Bob lived every single day exactly the way he wanted to,I know he had no regrets and he did not leave anything  undone in his life.

His friends have had nothing but an amazing outpouring of love for him.

We all have had better days and will again someday, he would not want anyone to feel sad for very long.

His friends celebrated his life instead of mourning his passing with an all day and into the night painting and pinstriping session,this group  panel

is a result, they are good people.

These photos are of Bob doing stuff he loved ,this is how we remember him…having fun and dragging us all along too!

At the Grand National Roadster Show with the Pinstripers

At the Ren Faire with Kevin

Driving the train at Travel town!

Bob in the hot rod,his favorite place to be.

touring the town and having taquitos at Olvera street

Adios …

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5 thoughts on “The whole world has changed

  1. So many wonderful memories. Hugs to you Janis; you’re in my thoughts.

  2. My thoughts are with you.
    I can’t think of anything to write that doesn’t sound hollow and shallow.
    Be kind to yourself.

    Chris xo

  3. Bless you. You and Bob are both in my thoughts. This may sound odd, but that’s the way I want to go, fast.

  4. You know you’ve been in my prayers…. Hugs being sent with the click of my enter key…..

  5. This is indeed sad news. Having almost widowed my husband twice due to heart disease (first with bypass surgery and then with a valve replacement) my biggest anxiety is leaving loved ones behind. Your attitude is, however, heartening, and a tribute to your husband in itself. I do hope you manage to keep your equilibrium after this most unsettling of events. My sympathy and best wishes accompany this post.

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