Skywatch Friday Moment to Moment

This is the lovely and historic Mission Inn in Riverside CA on a very sunny afternoon in early February  2011.

Next week I will try to have current condition photo and move forward from there. I am learning to adjust to my world completely changing( see previous 2 posts) . I have found ,so far it is not the big things like Bills,DMV or Insurance paperwork that get me it is all the simple little things,moving coffee mugs,a TV show,a condolence card from someone I haven’t seen in 20 years.

I am dealing with life  moment to moment and have a whole lot of wonderful people surrounding me who are helping me look down the road toward day to day , week to week and eventually year to year.

See more of our ever changing skies at Skywatch Friday:

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15 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Moment to Moment

  1. It looks like this mission is now in the heart of an urban area, a far different place than when it was built.
    Scrolling back through your blog I see you are in a different place than you were a month ago. May the years of love and companionship support you as you head into the next phase of your life.

  2. I came to your blog to see your skywatch image. Scrolling down I see why your world has completely changed. I’m so sorry for your loss! Wish you all the best!

    Irene, Norway

  3. I live so close, but haven’t been to the Mission Inn in years. Good luck with your personal life, I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Janis, I think of you daily. I wish I had some golden words of comfort but I know there are none. Just know that I am thinking of you at this very moment….

  5. I like the architecture of this mission; and thanks for a glimpse of palm trees too. Enjoying blue sky day here today; took the Beagles for a walk. I think of you each day, Janis. I enjoyed the Travel Town video clip, and seeing you all.

  6. Beautiful shot!

    My sky watch post, have a nice weekend.

  7. These place looks so serene and quite.

  8. A beautiful and romantic photo, but foremost in my thoughts is my sympathy for your loss, Janis. I know you have many happy memories that will comfort you, and that you will find yourself on an even keel again, but in the meantime I can imagine the small things that make it hard for you, as well as the great loss of your dearest. Charles and I send you deep sympathy.

  9. That is a lovely shot. I’m so sorry for your loss and send my best wishes your way.

  10. magicalmysticalteacher

    The Mission Inn was the scene of a birthday party I attended on February 19th–but it was cold and rainy that night, quite unlike your photo!


    Hey, diddle, diddle,
    The clouds on my fiddle
    Are making it hard to play!

    Hey, diddle, diddle,
    I need a new fiddle
    With all the clouds whisked away!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Mojave Sky

  11. Thanks for this shot of Riverside, Calif. My late husband was stationed there when he was in the service year ago. He really liked it there. The only thing that helps you in dealing with the loss of a loved one is time.

    The sadness of the present days
    is locked and set in time,
    and moving to the future
    is a slow and painful climb.

    Nothing can erase the painful
    imprints on your mind
    but there are softer memories
    that time will let you find.

    May you find peace and comfort knowing there others that care and understand,

  12. Lovely photo. I like the archways along the sidewalk. It sounds like you have a lot you are going through. I wish you lots of love and peace as you journey forward.

  13. nice shot
    happy SWF

  14. very nice angle…:) Hope you can check out my Skywatch entry as well. Thanks!

  15. This is a gorgeous shot of the Inn. I was married there (husband #1) over forty years ago, in the same chapel where my grandmother married her husband #1. It was the end of August, around 115 degrees in the shade, and we had to cancel the champagne punch so everybody wouldn’t get too drunk to drive home.

    Thanks for sharing this and bringing back fond memories (my first ex and I are still good friends), even as you move along through your own grief. You are an astonishing woman!

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