Skywatch Friday – A bugs eye view

The  bright Yellow Sour Grass was waving gently Wednesday afternoon so I thought hhhhhmmmm this is what the bugs and mice see when they look up at the sky.  Perhaps I am feeling a little bit small and mortal right now or perhaps it caught my attention because I just watched “The Secret of NIHM” that day ,perhaps moving day is near and we must find a way to move to the lee of the stone through this forest of giant grass. I really like that movie and the book too, “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM” .

See more of the sky above our Earth at :

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – A bugs eye view

  1. What a great shot and a creative way to shoot a Skywatch photo. Very original idea. Mickie

  2. I remember loving that book when I was a kid – thanks for the memory – off to amazon to order it for my kids!

  3. That is so lovely!!
    Sky Watch Friday

  4. I’ve not stopped thinking about you this past week, along with the other sad event.

  5. What a clever perspective…Putting youself in someone else place is a good way to see the world. Remembering a Disney movie “A Bugs Life”

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