Skywatch Friday Balmy Palms and Snowy Mountians

We have had a lot of rain this Winter and it continues into Spring. Over the weekend Southern California greeted the Vernal Equinox with lashing wind,rain and snow down to the 3000 foot level.

This makes for a very pretty view when the clouds roll away…that has not happened yet  so this is the best I could do!

This view is looking West/Southwest at the Cleveland National Forest , San Juan Capistrano and the Pacific ocean are on the other side of this coastal range.

We are supposed to clear up by Sunday for some warmer sunny days next week.

See more skies at :

Thanks to our Skywatch Friday team, Wren, Klaus , Sandy and Sylvia !

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13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Balmy Palms and Snowy Mountians

  1. I do know how that is!! I’ve been doing a LOT of waiting for the clouds to roll away this year!! Terrific capture, love the contrast of the palm trees and grumpy skies! Hope you have a sunny weekend! Happy SWF!


  2. A rainy cloud, and a great picture! Love the angle!

  3. We must of swapped weather systems – England has had the driest March (so far) on record – it’s been sunshine and blue skies all the way here!

    Hope you get to see those hidden white peaks soon xo

  4. Fantastic photo!I love it!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Looks like a stormy sky!

  6. My goodness what ominous clouds. Hope you get some lovely Spring weather soon!

  7. Not the usual combination of palm trees and sunshine then 🙂

  8. oh my…it looks like its going to rain…great shot though. Hope you can check out my Skywatch Friday entry as well. Thanks!

  9. I find this very beautiful and well photographed.

  10. My daughter lives just outside Santa Barbara and she said there’s been so much rain, the streets are flooding. At the school where she teaches, there are no hallways, just courtyards to go from place to place in the school. All the kids are soaking wet by the time they arrive where they’re supposed to be next on their schedule.

    Here in Massachusetts, we’re just plain sick of winder and cold and snow.

  11. Those skies look very familiar – I think they must have gone south from the Similkameen. Our best to you….

  12. I love the drama in this photo. it’s beautiful.

  13. Very good shot of palms and the snowy mountain in the background!

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