Skywatch Friday High Pressure System

Wednesday we had a high wind warning in Southern California due to a ridge of  high pressure coming in from the Northeast that was colliding with another High pressure bubble hanging off shore to the West the result was a lot of very hot wind for this time of year and a lovely lingering sunset.


The street lamp globe is slightly askew from the windy afternoon it had just endured.



A special thanks to Ayleen and George for rushing over here to rescue my back garage roof which I thought was in dire peril and apparently only needed a few screws and some silicone,we had cake to rejoice at the repair!

Thanks to the entire team at Skywatch Friday where you can see more of this sort of thing every week from all over the world!

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One thought on “Skywatch Friday High Pressure System

  1. Love the thought of you all having cake, when the repairs were in hand.
    So hope there are good days from time to time. Thinking of you often.

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