Skywatch Friday Northern Sunset

Last weekend I traveled to San Francisco with  Ayleen and George to attend WonderCon .

This beautiful sunset was captured Friday afternoon near the end of our Northbound journey .

We had just dined on delicious BBQ at Dicky’s in Livermore ,walked out the door and there was this perfect sky looking West toward the Bay Bridge.

Thanks to the team at Skywatch Friday for making all this happen every week!

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10 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Northern Sunset

  1. A busy and beautiful sky. Hope you had fun at WonderCon. Do you go to Comicon, too?

  2. Awesome sky, thanks for sharing:)

  3. This is such a lovely sky! I love how the top cloud looks like fringe. 🙂

  4. Ah, the wonderful Bay Area. Lovely shot.

  5. Miraculous patterning.
    Sounds like a nice meal 🙂
    (Wondering what wonderCon stands for)

    • uberrhund

      WonderCon is a Comic book, urban toy,movie and television,media convention at the Moscone center in SF. It is a smaller version of San Diego Comic Con International. It didn’t feel smaller on Saturday though, we were elbow to elbow in the aisles . Saturday at both Cons is Masquerade day/night and all the costumed folk are there as their favorite hero,villains ,nemesis ,legends and henchmen.
      Think DR. Who, Spiderman, Capt. America and lots of anime characters .

  6. You had much nicer weather than we did, but we had a good time anyway. It seems a lot of us have been to SF or the area recently.

  7. Great color. I love both morning and evening colors as the sun wakes up and goes back to sleep. Love the picture.

  8. Beautiful sky–such a nice thing to see out your window. Mickie 🙂

  9. magnificent skyscape!

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