Freezer Mystery Packages

As a new and I hope temporary addition to my blog I am going to document the thawing and consumption of each unmarked package in my freezer until it is cleaned out. I am guilty of not always marking these foil wrapped items with any hint of what awaits inside. Now each time I feel brave and thaw one I will share the process.

Today I thawed what looked to be either Cow or pig in a fist size shiny bundle, here it is at noontime:

Sooooooo, turns out it was Chicken/apple sausage! Surprise!

I scooped it into little patties and grilled them in a drizzle of olive oil and Soyaki , like so :

Added pineapple chunks to the meat,served with a little extra Soyaki for dipping and a side of Brown rice, tonight’s freezer surprise turned out pretty well. Here it is a plated up :

Stay tuned for more surprising meals!

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2 thoughts on “Freezer Mystery Packages

  1. I think you just created another brilliant dish. Perhaps we can market it at McMac’s, my friend!!!!

    Our freezer needs this same treatment. My only fear it that I’ll land on some of the deer meat that my husband’s country relatives sent us!!!!!

    Unfortunately, for us, freezer is usually transition to garbage!

  2. Ayleen

    Yum! Looks like that surprise worked out quite well 🙂

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