Skywatch Friday City of Angels

Saturday afternoon was still hazy  at 3 O’Clock as I was driving along the 101 freeway.

This is our weather report for most of May and early June in advance, very much the same from year to year:” The Los Angeles basin will have late night and early morning overcast burning off to hazy sunshine in the afternoon hours”  It must be good to be a weatherman in So Cal!

The weather was warm,freeway speeds were slow so I had the window down and the radio playing loud, just right for Southern California in Springtime.

Off to my left was the cluster of mirror bright buildings that mark Downtown Los Angeles.

I was on my way to the Birthday week wrap up party for Ayleen (yes her birthday lasts at least a week!)at her friend’s home in Laural Canyon.

We had Bledsoe’s BBQ,delivered by another friend and a handcrafted baked Alaska for dessert…amazing!

See more of the sky above at:

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12 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday City of Angels

  1. June gloom is found in months other than June, I remember it well. When I was a kid (long ago) the last day of school always started gray and foggy and ended hot and smoggy.

  2. We’ve had fog, but we don’t get smog!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Interesting photo, sorry your days are hazy.

  4. Ah, haze! We who live near Toronto empathize with you as we see tons of it too.

  5. Smog…is what we called it in Colorado. Nothing like that big brown cloud in the sky!

  6. Come to New Mexico for some clear blue sky and a break from the traffic.

  7. Ah, haze–I remember it well, growing up in San Bernardino County! But now we never ever see haze where my hub and I live in El Dorado County (east of Sacramento in the Sierra foothills). It’s an interesting shot with the palm trees in the foreground.

  8. That’s a very interesting composition. Well done.

  9. Beautiful composition through the haze, and the thought of Baked Alaska stirs my taste buds! Thank you for visiting, – often think of you in such similar country to what we live in.

  10. Beautiful capture. Happy SWF!

    My Sky.

  11. We’ve had hazy days lately here in Israel too, and heavy rains, which are completely bizarre for this late in the season. Mother Nature has really lost it this year I’m afraid.

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  12. Oh wow! That’s an amazing capture! So cool!

    I have a gloomy shot of The Struggling SUN , hope you can visit me as well!

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