A full Tuesday of Yard Work

I was just going to finish weed whacking the back yard and get it down to a level where I could mow it next week.I should have taken “before” pictures but I didn’t mean to do all this!  Anyone who has been here knows how tall the yard became over the Winter. These are “after” and show parts of the wall and barrels as well as the antiques that have not seen the sun in a few years!

I went about my task with hat ,gloves and sturdy yard shoes,the sky was clear,air temp in the upper 60s,much nicer than last week so I ran the battery all the way down on the whacker,entire backyard is now down to about 6″ tall from what was 12″ to waist-high at some points,not bad.I put the battery on the charger and prune some stickery weeds along the wall with the lopping shears. Getting too warm ,I will rake later.

Kevin (friend of daughter & previously of Beagle)came by to return Ren Faire clothes so I take a break and we have a chat and a cold beverage ,he leaves to nap before work.

Now I am out front and thinking the day is so nice I should just mow the front yard too, so I do. Had to empty the grass catcher 4 times! I didn’t think is was that shaggy but apparently I was wrong. So it looks all nice and flat now. I should really weed whack the front porch ,check the battery,almost done ,close enough. There! Now the front porch is done plus around the rock and the sidewalk  is edged .

Battery goes back on charger and I dust myself off and go inside for a fudgesicle ( it was great!). I stop to read a few emails,check my eBay stuff and turn the dryer back on for a load of laundry I started hours ago.

Back outside, now that the front is so flat and short  the 6″tall weed stems in the back look awful to me . Go get the battery and whacker go over the whole yard again and get it down to about 2-3″ much better! There is a bank of leaf mulch along the block wall that has been building for about 4 years,I am never going to use it and it is ugly . I rake it into 5 large black lawn and leaf bags since the Green cam is already full of lawn and weeds I toss them into the regular trash cans.

Now the overgrown stack of 1/2 barrels looks really bad . Yep, I yanked all that out too. I had let them grow over on purpose when we had Beagle Tish because I caught her using them as steps to the top of the neighbors shed! She did not need her own stairway to escape the safety of her yard!

Under the leaf mulch and around the barrels I found 17 buried tennis balls(Some were very old &must have been moved from other Beagle storage) , a couple of holiday stuffies and a bunch of pecans and peanuts still in the shells. These are the treasures of a Beagle, well buried and saved for later. Since Tish died of old age at almost 15  over 2 years ago I just tossed all the treasure behind the barrels to become landfill along with some added dirt to support what is left of the stack.

All the yard antiques are now visible and maybe I will add something green or maybe purple.

The lonely bachelor Mockingbird that lives in the tree was thrilled I had uncovered zillions of little bugs for his dinner. Awesome,I wish some tone-deaf Lady mockingbird would fall in love with him soon so he will shut-up at night. He likes to “sing” or display his range of well over 50 tweets,aaocks and whoops around 2 am nightly.

So that is what I did with my Tuesday. Then I took 2 Aleve and watched Glee .

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One thought on “A full Tuesday of Yard Work

  1. Ayleen

    Wow you’ve been busy! Can’t wait to see the backyard now!

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