Weekday Farmers Market !

We have a new Farmers Market here in town,well on the outskirts at least . Today was the opening day and it will run through October on Tuesday afternoon’s 3-7 pm…bonus they are in the same parking lot as our Trader Joe’s market!

This is what I purchased from the Farmers market and Trader Joe’s: Beautiful,fragrant ,fat Leeks , Asparagus ,Strawberries picked this morning,Lemons from Foothill Ranch here in town,an Avocado,Smokey garlic spread(So amazing!) & among other more mundane items from Trader Joe’s I purchased Brown Rice penne pasta( Thank-you Sarah Jo!),a small TJ’s house brand Balsamic to try out,Brown&red rice with black barley , a loaf of Pumpkin/Cranberry bread and one in the middle of a long line of tasty New Zealand Grass Fed aged extra sharp cheese and more. I really try to shop local at least from within California for Produce, within the USA for meats the closer the better  but when it comes to cheese and chocolate the world is my market,just the way it has to be.

Some of the Strawberries may have been eaten in the car on the way home…I’m pretty sure because they were delicious!

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