Skywatch Friday First Brush Fire of 2011

I intended to add some lovely Arizona sunsets to the Sky Watch today  however they can wait for a very dull week to add some color.

This afternoon on my way to the bank I saw a column of smoke roiling up over the hillsides to our South .

This is being called the “Trilogy Fire ” since that is the gated community just below the deep canyon that is burning. It is also the canyon behind the famous Glen Ivy Hot Springs & Spa.

The fire has burned for just over an hour,consumed 150 acres of steep hillside brush and is burning away from homes. The land being burned now is part of the Cleveland National Forest, the small range that separates the beginning of the inland valley areas from the Capistrano Valley on the western side of the mountain and the Pacific ocean beyond.

There are 17 Fire companies ,both city and Cal-Fire  up there as well as a group of Helicopters scooping water from the nearby Golf course lake in their buckets to drop in the center of the flames. Airplanes with red fire retardant are starting to make drops too, I have been hearing them for about 30 minutes now.

This will be a very small fire but it is early in the season and a lot of brush/fuel has grown over the course of a rainy Winter.

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday First Brush Fire of 2011

  1. Great shots. Those fires can be really scary.

  2. Great post for skywatch… Happy TGIF! Hoping you can visit my skywatch post.

  3. Beautiful skies, but frightening fires, even though they might be small in comparison to some. An unexpected wind can change so many fire situations and we are always on the alert here in B.C.

  4. Beautiful sky shots!

    My Sky shots, have a great weekend ahead!

  5. Oh, Boy, it’s going to be a long fire season this year, with the abundant growth we’ve had.

  6. wow that is kind of scary to those people who live close by. You’ve got a good shots!


  7. Hello from one Janis to another…..wild fires are always a threat in your neck of the woods…Hope mother nature goes easy on you this season. Great photos.!

  8. our moorland fires are on a smaller scale but a worrying effect of a dry spring.

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