Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Today I have no photos of the goodies,not all that colorful with the exception of the strawberries.

The Garlic Hummus man lured me to his booth again today with a new flavor of garlic spread Ginger Orange Garlic! OOOHH EEMMM GGGEEEE! So delicious, I am going to have some with the Medium Scallops from Peru I bought at Trader Joe’s after the Garlic purchase. That is for tomorrow night , tonight maybe or not.

I will have either that or the Cajun alfredo chicken fettuccine mash up from the deli case that the nice lady was giving out samples of also at TJ’s. I am a sucker for the samples!

Purchased the other kind of normal stuff too,a wedge of Jarlsberg cheese,some Blackberry pomegrante juice to add to iced teas,a box of 12 grain crackers (for the garlic!)a dozen brown eggs, plain yogurt and a quart of Whole milk.

I am experimenting with the entire milk situation, I don’t use enough to buy gallons anymore , I have issues with the ones that are adding High heat dried “milk solids”(most of the fat free/1% and 2% does this) and the “organic” long shelf life are Ultra pasturized by being heated to 260 degrees ,effectivly killing all the Good bacteria along with the “bad” that lets it sour in a week or two. Whole milk is just that whole. The fat is the kind that is found in nature that we need to help absorb A, C, E, D and other vitamins as well as other nutrients.

Coconut and Almond milk are out for me, allergic to both items.  Rice “milk” still on the try list, we will see about that later On the upside it does taste OK ,downside not a good source of fats.

I know , I have issues but who dosen’t?


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