Skywatch Friday Adios Geo Metro!


Tuesday I said fond and well deserved farewell to my 1994 Geo Metro. The Geo started out as a commuter car ,a freeway warrior that managed to get 44mpg day in and day out. A second life as a household driver was had for a couple of years then the Geo went to College with our daughter. The Geo must have enjoyed the college art scene because in it’s final years it was an Art Car,dashing around town with the entire island from “Lost” on the hood complete with 50/50 plane and Polar Bears. Then the Pirate/Punisher roof took the spotlight. In the last in-car-nation the Geo sported John Deere green with a topping of white”droppings”,Invader Zim’s Irken armada rode on the hood and the roof was still in Pirate mode.

Since the little 3cyl was not going to pass the smog inspection this time around (visible tailpipe smoke)and the radio had been stolen 3 times in 15 years ,the trim had rotted off and the windows whistled I decided to sell the Geo to the State of Calif. recycling program. They paid me far more than it was worth and the Geo will be crushed with dignity to be turned into more useful objects in the future!

Adios Geo , it’s been swell!


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Note : Last night was the June Full Moon and it was CLEAR here!! Hooray! Here is a quick photo of the Full Strawberry Moon also known as the Rose moon. There was a Red moon eclipse last night that looked great on film but was not visible from North America. The Strawberry Moon is for the peak of wild Strawberries ripening and though they are not wild the ones from the local farmers market have been delicious!


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6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Adios Geo Metro!

  1. You and I must have been siblings in another life. Years ago (twenty or so) I sold my treasured 1988 Honda Civic Wagon to a retired librarian when I moved to Chicago, where I wouldn’t need it and it would be too expensive to insure and park. When we decided to move back to the Dallas area, we needed a car. But they weren’t making the Civic wagon anymore, and I couldn’t have afforded it anyway, so I bought a cute little 2-door red Metro, that ultimately got up to 60 mpg on the highway (more than my new Insight hybrid gets!). I had it for over ten years, and more than 100 K miles, but had to trade it in for a slightly safer Civic sedan when I started to commute from McKinney to Dallas. I loved that Metro, though, and it was a terrific car. I’m so glad yours got put to so many uses before you recycled it (and good on that, too!).

    And thanks for posting the full Strawberry moon as well. Some day I’m going to restart my project of photographing every named full moon for a year. Now that I’ve got a camera mount on my low-tech backyard telescope, I’ll have to remember to do it next month. You’re truly an inspiration. Happy swamp cooling!

  2. Great one for skywatch! The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. Happy TGIF! Hoping you can visit my skywatch post.

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    I’d say you got your money’s worth out of that little car!


    Look up, my love,
    Up, up in the sky!

    Look up, my love,
    And I’ll tell you why!

    Suns and planets
    Are wheeling in view;

    Ten thousand stars
    Are shining for you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Diamond Head

  4. I love your moon capture! That’s magnificent! 🙂

    I hope you can visit and see my MARVELOUS MOON captures and be amazed yourself! I know, we have similar subject! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Such a treat to look up in the sky with such gorgeous sky views!

    My Skywatch, please come by anytime.

  6. I love this story. I wish my car would get 60 mpg.

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