The Iceman Cometh to the Ice House on Skywatch Friday

The Ice House is a local institution, there whenever you need it 24/7. Mr. Moffet (center) has been in the business of alchemy turning water to ice to money for at least 50 years. He still clambers up a ladder to the roof in order to work on the ancient motors and compressors that keep his freezers running.

I am pretty sure this is one of the original sort of coin-operated Ice Houses. Still a bargain @ $1.50 for 10lbs or $3 for 20 Lbs. . The dock is open all day and Mr. Moffet still delivers to many business’ around town as well as fairs and special events if you arrange in advance and ask nicely.

This is one of the best places ever to sit on the edge of the  dock and watch the people go by,chat with Mr.Moffet and learn something new (every time!) or just swing in to get a sack of Ice on your way to a great weekend outing.

Just put all your quarters in the correct slots and push the tray into the slot with all your might  and wait while much clinking and churning takes place on the other side of the wall then…WHOOSH! a blast of chilly air and a fresh bag of Ice comes sledding down the chute & into the Iron catch grate in front of you with a crinkle and a crunch as it lands. This has happened the same exact way for all my life and I love it every time!

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4 thoughts on “The Iceman Cometh to the Ice House on Skywatch Friday

  1. Ah memories still in the making! How nice that he is still making ice after all these years.

  2. A welcoming spot on a hot day, and a nice story of a successful businessman, making money out of water with a smile! I read down about your lovely old car and thought what a lot of memories it had contributed to your family.

  3. Love your SkyWatch entries!

  4. Great “cool” post

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