Skywatch Friday Yard Work

In keeping with yesterday’s post this is the other side of the backyard.   This stack of half barrels was covered with a tangle of weeds,dead Jade plant,a brick here and there as well as anything that would keep our Beagle from using them as steps to climb on top of the wall and then to the neighbor’s garden shed.

Beagle Tish has been gone for two years now and I decided the time had arrived to clean that mess up!

There are now three spaces for planting(maybe some Marigolds to deter those pesky wasps!)and all the rusty,I mean “touched with antique patina” metal tools will stick around in the yard as decorations.

Have a great week out there and see more skies at :

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2 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Yard Work

  1. You’ll feel great once the yardwork is done. :))

  2. I seem to remember a YouTube video my stepmother sent that featured a beagle climbing out of a closed pen. All members of the species we ever had (and there have been several) could climb like no other dog.

    Maybe the weather’s not so hot in SoCal–I mean, how does one even think about cleaning stuff up in the garden during this part of the summer? Walking outdoors here is like swimming through soup!

    Stay indoors and enjoy your swamp cooler!

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