Skywatch Friday Detour for Art

I was re-routed onto surface streets due to a ramp closure (happens a lot around this area)after picking up some new Bungee Balls in Pomona and this is what happened along the way.

I stopped to get some gas and recognized the house across from the station as the same one where I saw a very elderly gentleman sitting out on the porch enjoying a warm December evening in the glow of his Christmas lights last Winter. He was out there again, this time watering tomato plants that grew in lots of coffee cans. I take this as a good omen to use his street to make my way back to the highway, who knows what else I will see?

What follows was my reward for exploring the old man’s neighborhood yesterday.

This wall is about 200 feet long and belongs to an automotive repair and impound yard.

The Santa Fe Railroad tracks are directly across from it and I am sure the wall was once a messy eyesore of gang tags.

The owner must have offered it to these artists and word spread that it was now a piece of living art,added to now and then but no longer defaced.

This is as good as  the works I just viewed at the Art in the Street exhibit which is still running at the MOCA in Los Angeles.

Even a little bit better (to me at least) since it is “live” & out there for us all right now. For anyone local this is the corner of 1st and Hamilton in Pomona if you want to see it in person.

I urge everyone to get out and explore you world,open your mind and eyes to the possibilities of the day. The sleek lines of an automobile, a funny t-shirt,a blooming plant,the arch of an office building entryway can all be enjoyed.  Art is not always inside a frame!

Skywatch fans there IS sky in each of these photos! It is the very washed out Summer afternoon in the city sky we get here in So Cal this time of year,please observe telephone poles and palms for proof!

See more of our world and the sky above at:

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9 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Detour for Art

  1. Yeah, well at least you’ve got art to distract you from the heat! At home it looks like somebody’s taken a flamethrower to my back forty (except that it’s straw-colored instead of black). Everything’s drooping, the birds are panting, and I’m hanging out on my hurricane-watch app hoping for something to relieve this stuff.

    I love these shots. Every year at least one of my visual anthropology students will do a project on local taggers and their work, and I always enjoy the art work. There’s something compelling about the art itself, although there are always moral questions about the process.

  2. nice shots

    happy SWF

    pls submit ur blog in bloggers directory :

  3. magicalmysticalteacher

    Wondrous art, accented by a lone palm tree!


    When planets plummet
    And comets careen,
    It’s the strangest sight
    You ever have seen.

    When drunk stars stagger
    And comets collide,
    It’s time to look up
    As you go outside

    To stare at the sky
    Where the strangest sight
    Is the moon-faced thing
    That you see at night.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Night Sky

  4. Wonderful and colorful art on the walls.

  5. Some great artwork there, they should be in art school whoever did them. Nice shots and thanks for visiting me:)

  6. Reminds me, there is some graffiti downtown Greensboro that I want to photograph. Robert Frost was right. Sometimes it pays to take the road less traveled!

    Have a great weekend my CA Janis. Bungee Balls? Do you bungee jump?

    • uberrhund

      Oh heck no I don’t Bungee jump! I like solid matter under my feet.
      These are the things that hold tarps and canopies to their frames for shade. They are 9 inch loops of Bungee cord with a small plastic ball at the end to secure it after wrapping,like a really giant ponytail holder!

      • lol! I didn’t know what they were called; have some of those in my garage! and they do look like big ponytail thingies!
        btw, LOVE your SWF photos! ~ who knows what you’ll find when you get re-routed?!

  7. a lot of work went into these!

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