Cleaning the Freezer Part 2

Back in April when I thought it would be interesting to document the unknown items in the freezer I was being too optimistic.

Fast forward to today August 1st and the discovery that is Otter Pops and Fudgesicles are not eaten over the entire Winter/Spring they are NOT good anymore no matter what the date says! Otter Pop had turned very hard and formed some sort of slimy coating inside the plastic…it might have actually been the plastic.

No matter what a Mom or Grandma tells you, that is not,repeat NOT a layer of protective frost on the ice cream or Fudgesicle! It is a warning that it has gone bad and you should buy a much smaller box next time and eat them within 30 days!

I am going to try to remember to clean the entire freezer out before trash day this week!

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