Skywatch Friday Lowrider Show

This Sunday I went to the Royal Fantasies Annual Lowrider Carshow at Corona High School. Wow! They had a full lot,over 300 vehicles were in place early in the morning. I think everyone had a great time despite the air temperature being near 95 and a lot hotter out on the blacktop.

The Sno-cones were awesome, they sold out by 1:30 which means they ran out of ice and had made hundreds of people very happy with tasty Sno-cones. Mendoza’s are the very best ones I have ever had,they will ruin you for all other Sno-cones forever. It is the ancient ice shaving machine they use. Back in the day Mr. Mendoza just used a rasp to shave the ice into fine thin shards off of a giant block.  I shared a Watermelon/Blue Raspberry one with friends (they are also huge!) the key is to get a Blue and a Red flavor so the slush that melts at the bottom is Purple,mmmmmmmm Purple flavor!

Now back to the cars!  I could see myself driving this early 1950s Chevy .

This guy had every extra car item from the era of his ride he could find!

This guy was out by the gate,not even entered in the show, just out for a Sunday drive and thought he would stop and take a look at all the other beauties!

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10 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Lowrider Show

  1. Really hot looking skies, but the cars? Smokin’ !!
    and what a fun visit to your blog
    Happy Skywatch Friday!

  2. Great shots – the first one is my favourite! – then I don’t know much about cars;)

  3. Hiya,
    How are you doing?
    Fancy driving one of those, are you?
    wouldn’t be that easy I don’t think. We are spoilt these days.

  4. These are so cool!

    Happy sky watching.

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  5. Sounds like serious fun–and I envy the dry heat that allows folks to go out when it’s hot in SoCal. I was looking through family photos the other day and found one of my grandmother’s 57 Chevy and another of the souped up Nova she bought from a teenager to replace it many years later. I’ve never understood low-riders, but these are really cool (you kind of wonder about that one guy outside the fence, though; what would happen if he hit a pot hole?).

    Now I can’t wait until the guy comes by with the sno-cone cart. Look what you’ve done to me! Have a great weekend.

  6. Fabulous shots!

  7. I bet those snow cones really hit the spot in the heat.
    I missed the car show here in Lincoln, they are always good for some photos.

  8. Great shots. Looks like a beautiful day although I know the heat was intense. I would have gone straight for the snow cones. The cars are great.

  9. Car shows are so much fun. So much artistry in the work people put into their vintage rides.

  10. Cool cars!
    Great shots 🙂

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