Skywatch Friday Meat Market Art

There is something about a hand painted market wall that harkens back to days when everything and every item was not branded with a logo so easy to recognize that it should be on the international symbol chart.See the giant logo next to the original art? You know right away the meaning of both!

The art will tell you what is on the other side of that wall in an original way. This one contains what appears to be tasty,tasty pig!

Unfortunately I did not have time to stop and eat cracklins this day. More very plain,hot days in Southern California await this August.

See more of the sky above our world at:

I am dedicating this weeks Skywatch entry to a team member Klaus, who helped make this wonderful place for us all, you will be missed

Klaus Peter, 1960-2011

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7 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Meat Market Art

  1. It looks to be in in good condition still. Is it actually modern brick art made to look old?

    • uberrhund

      No it is not designed to look old, it just is! The wall gets a new addition of art or coat of paint as needed. I am guessing the building itself and the bricks are from the 1930s/40s as the neighborhood is mostly that age.

  2. What a great photo! Yum! Pig, and shrimp, too! But I’ll pass on the cracklins. Looks like the plain, hot sky we’ve had here in northeast Oklahoma too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. nice shot
    happy SWF

    MY SWF ishere

  4. Aquí, se habla español………….. and nothing beats a cold Pepsi with a plate of food from a good taqueria on a hot California day (or at least thats what the advertisers hope we will think).

    Great photo. Lots to see!

  5. Nice details in your photo.


  6. This is a wonderful shot, full of atmosphere! I could feel the cloying heat and catch a whiff of pork in the heavy air. This would have fit nicely into Signs, Signs…hope to see you there next time…:)

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