Skywatch Friday Like a Bird on a Wire

We had a few days of 100-106 here in So Cal last week and these little birds were out to get a touch of cooler morning air on their feathers before the darn wire became too hot to perch upon!

We are back to middle 90s,much better for the long Labor day holiday weekend here in the USA. Wishing everyone a nice weekend wherever you are and to see more skies at:

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11 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Like a Bird on a Wire

  1. Nice shot! It’s suppose to be cooler here this weekend, perhaps mid 80s to low 90s.
    Happy Labor Day weekend!
    Happy SkyWatch Friday!

  2. Beautiful shot! Happy sky watching!

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  3. we’ve just finished winter and dreading what some are predicting to be a scorcher summer
    not fun with no airconditioning – but the birds are wise aren’t they cooling off in the morning breeze

  4. They must find it hard to deal with the heat, being all black like that! And no a/c!!

  5. I often wonder what the birds are talking about when you seen then all on a wire facing the same direction..I guess with their backs to the wind.

  6. Birds on a wire cool shot

  7. Gorgeous capture!

    Sky Writers, have a good weekend.

  8. Lovely scene.


  9. Do your starlings start panting later in the day? The birds around here walk around with their beaks agape when the day’s at its hottest.

    Good shot–but now I’m going to have Leonard Cohen swimming around in my tiny overheated brain all day!

    • uberrhund

      Here’s to an early Autumn cooling trend for you and your little gaping birds too!
      I never even see birds at the apex of the heat,it becomes Rachael Carson kind of quiet until around Five O’clock pm on 100+ days.
      They adapt,hanging out at ground level under bushes and high in the thick tree branches.
      I now have a mental picture of poor little toasty Texas birds!

  10. Iconic photo. Where’s Tippi Hedren?

    I wasn’t craving Giaccomo’s food until you wrote that sentence about the smells seeping out of the computer screen!! At the very least, I’m gonna stop by and make sure they know they’re featured on GDP today!

    Have a great weekend. Hope you are off Monday.

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