Full Harvest Moon Speak Out with Your Geek Out

The full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal  equinox,the Harvest Moon usually falls in September in the Northern Hemisphere, but once or twice a decade it will fall in early October. This September 12th marked the 2011 Harvest Moon at its peak brightness. The photo is straight out of the camera,taken around 7:45 PM from inland Southern California.

Called the Harvest Moon by Native Americans,Farmers and singers of popular music now begins the time for harvesting  Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans and wild rice. The extra light beaming upon the field allowed those who toiled to bring in their bounty a few extra hours of light bright enough to see their work.
I am happily geeky(which is redundant,Happy Happy~Joy Joy!)& I document the full moons of 2011 because beyond there is “Space, the final frontier…”you all know how the rest of that goes.
This post will be shared with the event on Twitter and FB “Speak out with your Geek out” celebrating all the fun geeky things we do here on the web and in daily life! #speakgeek


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