Skywatch Friday Full Hunter’s Moon of October

This is October’s full Hunter’s Moon. The leaves in the chilly parts of the nation have turned color and begun to fall leaving their fellow leaves to rustle above while they now crunch a reply in the night beneath the hoof of the deer,the soft pad of the fox and the boot of the hunter.

This is the smallest full moon of the year appearing 12.3% smaller than the full moon of March 19th.

This nights Moon rose after a very hot day in Southern California with two more to follow in the 100+ degree range. Today,Friday has begun the cool down for the weekend at only 91 with middle 80s by Sunday. I really would be pleased if those were the last days of Autumn heat we have to endure this year.

I did my laundry yesterday and after the rainy chilly weather last week and the heat the last couple of days there is every configuration of sock from footie to fuzzy knee and sleeve length from tank to thermal long sleeved tee! I would like to put the Summer clothing away now thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Full Hunter’s Moon of October

  1. You have caught that Hunter’s moon in all its glory. and small or not, it is quite beautiful. Love your description of the rustle of the leaves and the crunch in reply in the night beneath the hoof…………….etc. Very descriptive of autumn in the woods. Hope she comes to visit you soon in sunny California. Sometimes you can get just too much of summer heat!

  2. Beautiful moon, you are experiencing crazy weather in Cali. Hope it starts to cool down. Happy Sky Watch!!

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