Skywatch Friday The Birds

These Hitchcockesque birds began gathering in the large Ficus tree across the street in September.

They chattered with increasing volume morning and evening throughout the last few weeks. Their flock has increased to the size of an invading bird army this week.

At sunset they began taking off from the tree about a third of their group at a time and preforming a group waltz display in the sky,swooping,arcing,turning and flipping enmasse. To rest or perhaps to better observe their puny human audience they would land on the wires to the point of reenacting the schoolyard scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds”.
I think they are Blackbirds or perhaps Starlings.

To see more sky (and perhaps creepy birds!) go to :

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday The Birds

  1. Beautifully taken!

    Sky Watch at my page, please come and see. Have a nice weekend!

  2. look at them everywhere!!

  3. We have migratory blackbirds through here in the spring and fall, gathering in the nearby trees at dawn and dusk; and oh so noisy; they’ve moved on, perhaps to sunny southern California. 🙂 Great shots!

  4. Kind of creepy! Great photos!!

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