Skywatch Friday Full Frosty Beaver Moon

Yes this is true, the Full Frosty Beaver Moon is upon us and the sky is cloudy here in So Cal so add Fuzzy to that title as well!

The November Full Moon is the time when the Beavers in the North country are busy building their Winter dams and the time when the frost blankets each morning with a chilly sparkle!

The Full Frosty Beaver Moon has caused me to be very glad I cleaned the heater and lit the pilot  the day after the rooftops on my street were coated and truly frosty last Saturday morning, the temperature was down to 33 that night! All warm and toasty inside the house tonight!

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Full Frosty Beaver Moon

  1. Interesting lamp.

  2. nice shots
    I added ur blog to my photo blog directory :

  3. Liked the magic in the first picture. Nice shots :0)

  4. wow – you have frost! We just have fog and drizzle (and very muddy dogs and kids!), hard to believe that it’s colder in California than the UK!

    have a great weekend – wrap up xo

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